Unified Data Open Platform

1、Customer Profile

Hohai University is a state key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China of China of China with a history of more than 100 years. water conservancy as its feature, engineering as its main subject, and multi-disciplinary coordinated development. It is a university that on the State “211 Project” key construction, the national advantageous discipline innovation platform construction, the first-class discipline construction, and the establishment of a graduate school. Centering on the national ‘Double First-Class’ construction strategy, adhering to the school motto of ‘Hard Work, Plain Living, Seeking Truth from Facts, Strict Requirements, and Bold Exploration’, the university has comprehensively strengthened the leadership of the party, comprehensively improved its governance ability, deepened its connotative development, and is moving towards the goal of a world-class research university with characteristics.

2、Product Overview

DATAV Unified Data Open Platform provides service integration around the open ecological chain of service ‘publishing capability – management capability – sharing capability – monitoring capability’. Centering on the core idea of one-time access to multiple services, the platform ensures the consistency of data. While providing services externally, it adopts various monitoring and management means to monitor and manage the use of services and data, effectively ensuring the visibility of data services and improving the security of data.

The platform supports the service interfaces of WSDL WebService and RESTFul WebService standard protocols and adopts key verification to support unified service access security control through the unified data open platform. The unified data open platform provides three roles: system manager, development user and data query. The platform solution function of the three groups. Different users have different operation permissions according to their roles.

3、Service Users

  • System Manager

The system manager is a multi-user platform administrator. Facing the system manager, the platform provides service access, service application review, service operation management, service classification, service monitoring, system management and other operations.

  • Development User

Development users are mostly used by the information administrators of various departments. The platform provides application registration, service search, service preview, service application, service API query, and obtaining development documents for development users. Services can be provided externally through the application API.

  • Data Inquirer

Data inquirers are multi-user users who need to query and verify data. The platform provides data query and create data query operations for data inquirers. Data query and verification can be performed through configuration.

4、Product Architecture

Unified Data Open Platform

5、Product Functions

  • Service Request

Unified Data Open Platform

Service application is a data acquisition channel provided by the application developer for the development user. Therefore, in the service application process, how to find services accurately and quickly is particularly important, requiring a higher interactive experience.

Services can be installed with three dimensions to filter ‘service type’, ‘service classification’ and ‘service source’, and support keyword fuzzy query. Click ‘application data’ to enter the detailed introduction page of the service and finally submit the application request. At the same time, the service can also provide ‘attention’ services, and the services concerned will appear in the personal attention.

  • Service Audit

Unified Data Open Platform Unified Data Open Platform

Service audit is a service approval for system managers, which approves applications submitted by development users and data inquirers. Only when the approval is passed can the process be legal and completed. Otherwise, the two must continue to adjust and submit for approval.

  • Interface Status View

Unified Data Open Platform

  • Interface Test

Unified Data Open Platform

After the administrator approves the interface application, the developer can test the interface and add the incoming parameters. Different interface types have different test operations.

  • Application Management

Unified Data Open Platform

Service management is open to system managers. It is an in-depth management, operation, and maintenance system for approved services, mainly service governance. A platform that truly meets the strength of Service Openness requires not only the basic level of service richness, but also the ability of service governance. The so-called service governance is to present better and more complete services to the third party. At the same time, it needs to have the ability to integrate school service resources in a compatible way, to shorten the process of service accumulation for the construction of school service ecology.

Therefore, we have the intelligent ability to integrate master data sharing services, so that the services can be accessed to intelligent identification and taken on demand.

  • Interface Monitoring

Unified Data Open Platform

The interface monitoring is open to the system manager and is the operation and maintenance center of the whole platform. It will transmit the service information and service call of the current bus platform in real time and can make statistics and analysis of service monitoring in various dimensions. At the same time, the platform is connected to the automatic service scanning mechanism and automatic early warning mechanism to push multi-party early warning when the service may or has been abnormal, reduce data service problems to the greatest extent possible to prevent them before they happen.

The platform monitoring center mainly includes basic service information, service activity, service call logs and statistics, etc.

  • System Management

Unified Data Open Platform

System management mainly solves the functions of work assignment, personnel role addition, log tracking, etc., which are oriented to system managers. It also includes application management, which is a menu permission for individuals, that is, the ‘system management’ of each development user.

6、Product Features

  • Openness

Building a campus service-oriented ecology to meet the service opening capacity. Support access to third-party and Internet services.

  • One Stop Service

Service-oriented provision, service use and service operation. Identity responsive interaction.

  • Extended Compatibility

Fully connect with the data services provided by DATAV master data platform. Get through the authority mechanism.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Management

Support monitoring of service activity, service invocation and service status. Support service alerts.