Jiangnan University

1、Customer Profile

Jiangnan University

Jiangnan University is directly under the Ministry of Education of China and the national ‘211 Project’ key construction colleges and universities. It is a national ‘Double First-Class’ first-class discipline construction university. It is in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, a famous Jiangnan City on the Bank of Taihu Lake. While running the school for more than a century, the school has adhered to the motto of ‘Diligent in Learning and Committed to Doing till You are a Perfect Being’. With the strategic goal of ‘building a research university with distinctive characteristics’, the school has deeply promoted education and teaching reform, and is committed to cultivating high-quality innovative talents. Characterized by light industry, the university is known as the ‘pearl of light industry higher education’.

2、Construction Background

In the digital campus stage of Jiangnan University, the infrastructure of the campus network is sound, the three platforms have been steadily implemented and used, the information application has covered all aspects of campus life, and the information construction achievements have been highly recognized by the teachers, students, and users of the University. However, colleges and universities have put forward higher requirements for information construction in the rapid development. The construction of a new generation of smart campus system has become the key work of Jiangnan University in the next stage. How to collect, integrate and utilize a large amount of accumulated data related to teaching, scientific research, management, life, and other aspects, form a core data asset, provide services for analysis and mining in an open way, and better improve the informatization level of the campus has become an important direction for the University at present.

3、Construction Content

In terms of overall construction ideas, Jiangnan University builds the data platform through the following solutions:

1) Guided by ‘Governance Services’, through the comprehensive data governance advisory research and implementation services provided by DATAV, the visibility, availability and traceability of data are improved, so as to meet the requirements that the authoritative center database can support analytical applications in terms of data volume and data quality, and in the process of governance, in combination with the future information construction plan, The core information standards and corresponding standardized management data sets that meet the actual needs of the school are formulated. Through this series of work, we have achieved the consolidation of the data base in the school.

2) Aiming at ‘Data Value’, focusing on the ‘Double First-Class’ construction of the University and the needs of business departments, the pilot application of big data centered on scientific research, management, talent training and serving teachers and students is completed through the DATAV data visual analysis platform.

4、Achieve Results

1)Complete Data Collection and Governance, Initially form Available Data Assets in the School, and Improve Data Quality

According to the current situation of the information system construction of Jiangnan University, DATAV has customized the information standards in line with the University, and provided a full range of data center platforms and data governance services. In the process of business data governance, it has accumulated 43 core business systems, such as the personnel system and the educational administration system, and collected more than 1000 tables and 150.6 million pieces of data, including 696 code tables.

Jiangnan University

Carry out data identification and cleaning operations in accordance with the established standards, and finally form an available authoritative standardized management data set of school business data. It has realized the unification of data, opened the data island, and gradually solved the problems of inaccurate, untimely update and incomplete data of the original basic data of the school.

2)Build a Global Data Center, Realize Transparent Management and Monitoring of Data, and Master Data Assets in Real Time

Through the managed and accessed business system data, log data, video monitoring data, etc., build a total number of data perception centers to help Jiangnan University draw data maps, analyze data relationships, manage model changes, provide data release, control data quality, and facilitate the information department to have a more intuitive insight into data.

Jiangnan University

3)Quickly Respond to Data Analysis Needs and Provide Decision-Making Basis Through Data Visualization Analysis Service

Through the results of data governance, combined with the data analysis needs of the school for various business segments, the data analysis of 8 topics has been completed based on flexible data analysis tools, including basic school situation, teachers’ theme, undergraduate theme, Graduate theme, book theme, second class award theme, all-in-one card theme, etc., providing the most real and scientific basis for business optimization and the strategic development of the school.

Jiangnan University

4)Large Data Visualization Screen

During the epidemic period, the real-time large screen display of the return of teachers and students at Jiangnan University was completed according to the needs of the school’s epidemic command and monitoring.

  • Quickly connect various data. With a variety of data sources and statistical methods, DATAV can quickly connect and integrate various data sources.
  • Quickly build a large visual screen. Using data analysis tools, the visual interface layout is carried out by dragging and pulling data and displaying graphics. What you see is what you get during the operation. A large screen display page can be completed flexibly and quickly according to the complexity of 2-6 hours.
  • Share quickly and use flexibly. It is applicable to PC terminal, large screen terminal and mobile terminal. The three terminals can be flexibly converted and can also conduct data self-service analysis and presentation according to different page scenarios.

Jiangnan University