Application Scenarios

  • Search Engine on Master Database

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    Search Engine on Master Database First, let’s briefly understand the data retrieval in the era of big data. In today’s big data era, the amount of information is exploding, and the data is growing rapidly. How to realize the rapid query and retrieval of information on the amount of data that Storage unit is T or P has become one of the core propositions in big data technology. Under the big data technology system, information management departments generally choose to…

  • Intelligent Support for Colleges and Universities Students

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    Through the smart funding solution for colleges and universities students, poor college and universities students can get more accurate and comprehensive help and improve the accuracy of school funding management. The smart funding solution mainly includes the following four core functions: Accurate Identification Integrate the relevant data of colleges and universities students, such as the file building and card building data of poor students, college entrance examination data, family situation data, students’ consumption data at school, etc., establish a school…

  • Evaluation of Students’ Comprehensive Quality

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    According to the relevant guidance of the state and the Ministry of Education of China, a comprehensive, three-dimensional, and data-based evaluation method is used as the guiding ideology to build a comprehensive quality evaluation system for college students. Based on years of experience in the education industry, with data as the core, DATAV has customized comprehensive quality portraits for students through more scientific and objective evaluation methods, and finally achieved the goal of teaching students according to their aptitude and…

  • Shared Data Center Operation and Maintenance and Monitoring Services

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    1      Current Situation and Problems of University Data After years of information construction, most colleges and universities have established relatively complete software underlying platforms and various information systems. In the process of its own information construction, it has optimized the business process, realized the digital information flow, and accumulated a large amount of data wealth at the same time. However, in terms of underlying data operation and maintenance and emergency response, there is a lack of a complete service system…

  • Big Data Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

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    1、 In the Era of Big Data, the Traditional Real Estate Industry Needs to Actively Embrace ‘Big data’ and ‘Internet +’ two superstars have penetrated all major fields and industries in a viral manner, and everywhere they go, they start a prairie fire, impact, and subvert. Favorable weather, location and people will help big data to reach its peak. As a representative of traditional industries, the real estate industry has demonstrated its strong vitality from its rise to vigorous development….

  • Tax Risk Management Scheme Based on Internet Data

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    Tax Risk Management Plan一、Background1、Information Technology Development Background In recent years, information technology has developed rapidly, especially in the past two years. The vigorous development of cloud computing and big data technology, the core technology from concept to theory, from experimental environment to successful implementation, in turn, has promoted the further development of technology. With the continuous expansion of network bandwidth and the rapid development of mobile Internet, information application systems have rapidly expanded from computer terminals to tablet and mobile…