Shared Data Center Operation and Maintenance and Monitoring Services


1      Current Situation and Problems of University Data

After years of information construction, most colleges and universities have established relatively complete software underlying platforms and various information systems. In the process of its own information construction, it has optimized the business process, realized the digital information flow, and accumulated a large amount of data wealth at the same time. However, in terms of underlying data operation and maintenance and emergency response, there is a lack of a complete service system to ensure the timely processing of various data service needs. At the same time, many daily and cumbersome data exchange works also consumes a lot of valuable time and energy of school data managers.

Therefore, colleges and universities need to introduce professional data service teams to ensure the stable and safe operation of their own information systems. At the same time, through professional security consulting and implementation services, they need to gradually build a dynamic, complete, and efficient data operation and maintenance ecosystem to form a continuously perfect and self-optimizing data operation and maintenance system, so as to provide a solid foundation for ensuring the healthy development of business and enhancing core competitiveness.

At this stage, the shared data center system of many colleges and universities generally has the following problems:

1) High Original Service Cost

At present, the data storage adopted by colleges and universities generally adopts imported databases and related products, such as Oracle DB, RAC, DG, Oracle ODI, BIEE, etc. of Oracle system. The after-sales service of such imported software products is generally provided by means of remote service websites, which generally has the problem of high prices and no on-site and on-site services.

2) Slow Demand Response

Whether it is the original manufacturer of related products at the bottom or the third-party education industry integrator, although the price is relatively low, there is a problem of slow demand response for the shared data center of colleges and universities. Often after problems occur, it is difficult to guarantee the deployment of engineers and the processing time of on-site problems. The problem response cycle of one week or even one month cannot meet the business needs of colleges and universities.

In addition, in the operation and maintenance stage, the shared data center in colleges and universities will continue to generate new data integration and data application development needs. Therefore, the contradiction between the continuous derivation of needs and the inability of follow-up implementation services has become increasingly prominent.

3) Key Technical Problems Have a Long Processing Cycle and Cannot Be Solved

Because many education industry integrators are not focused on the data technology field, when dealing with complex or sudden technical service needs, the processing results become very unsatisfactory.

For example:

In the traditional processing of colleges and universities all-in-one card database, there are problems that tens of millions of pieces of data cannot be synchronized or get stuck in the synchronization process.

When the interface between the shared data center and other third-party webservice needs real-time data exchange, it often needs to be realized with the help of code development, and the goal of real-time and stability cannot be achieved.

When it is necessary to complete the data connection with Excel, it is often limited by the operating system (such as Linux) or the inherent technical requirements (such as ODBC), which affects the effect of data synchronization.

When unstructured data needs to be synchronized, the traditional data exchange technology cannot be realized.

Due to the failure to establish a complete database architecture and disaster recovery system in the initial stage, it is difficult to maintain in the later stage.

At the initial stage of business system development, developers’ lack of code writing ability led to many hard parsing problems in the database, which is the root cause of database performance problems.

However, with the explosive growth of data resources in colleges and universities, more and more technical problems will emerge, and the handling of special technical problems will become more and more frequent. Therefore, professional data service teams are also required to carry out relevant maintenance, optimization, integration, and implementation.

4) The Daily Service Work is Complex, Affecting Their Own Work Efficiency

With the continuous improvement of the business system in colleges and universities, the demand for data exchange is also increasing. To deal with the data exchange demand in colleges and universities, the information center of colleges and universities often takes pains in continuous communication and coordination, thus affecting its own work main line and reducing work efficiency.

5) The Technical Operation is Not Standardized, and the Operation and Maintenance Tracking is Not Guaranteed

As the colleges and universities shared data center involves core businesses such as data exchange and data sharing, the data security, operation security and behavior tracking of the shared database become extremely important. Due to non-standard operations, data loss, development source code loss, database load imbalance and other situations occur one after another. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a professional data service team to solve and guarantee.

6) Nonstandard Business System Development and Difficult Database Maintenance

During database development, developers of application system developers have common performance problems due to the lack of specification in SQL preparation, which leads to the degradation of database performance, and it is difficult to modify SQL in a short time. Such problems are particularly obvious in business peak periods.

2      Objectives of Data Operation and Maintenance Service

Nanjing DATAV Data Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional data service and consulting company in China. The company has a first-class data service team in China and has data service experience in the fields of database, data warehouse, business intelligence and big data technology in government, enterprise, education, retail, finance, and other fields. By integrating data services and data management schemes of various industries, we can provide users in the education industry with a more comprehensive, professional, and customized data service system and related data security management consulting, to ensure the normal operation and continuous optimization of users’ system data.

The objectives of the operation and maintenance of the Colleges and universities shared data center are as follows:

Reduce the Operation and Maintenance Cost of Colleges and Universities

Through local and remote professional data services, the operation and maintenance quality are guaranteed to the greatest extent, and the operation and maintenance cost of shared data centers in colleges and universities is greatly reduced.

Quickly Improve Service Demand Response

Through a professional data service resource pool, we provide local and remote service responses and service processing of the same day for users of the University Information Center to ensure that a processing scheme is formed within 12 hours after receiving the request to solve the data service request.

Highly Reliable Technical Support

Based on our own work experience in the field of data services for more than 10 years, we have our own solutions for the treatment of various difficult and miscellaneous diseases, which can provide reliable technical support for colleges and universities data services and will no longer be troubled by various data storage and data synchronization technical problems.

Perfect Service System

According to the shared database service requirements put forward by colleges and universities, a unified service system is provided from demand analysis, development and testing to final operation and maintenance to ensure service quality, so that there is a plan in advance, documents in the process and traceability afterwards, so as to release the work pressure of the colleges and universities network center to the greatest extent and ensure the orderly and sustainable operation and maintenance.

Complete Patrol, Backup, and Disaster Recovery Strategies

Through active patrol inspection (weekly inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection, business time customized inspection), timely point out the existing problems, put forward solutions, strive to find and solve the problems early, solve the problems in the initial stage, and avoid database downtime, performance bottlenecks and other problems.

Through automatic incremental / full backup and disaster recovery strategies, we can ensure the rapid recovery of the primary database after downtime, the high availability of the business system, and the minimum data loss.

Business Time Assurance Service

For some information systems with high concurrency and high throughput (course selection system and orientation system), to ensure the stability of the database, we evaluate and modify the parameter settings of the ORACLE database in advance. Business time engineers are on site to adjust and monitor the database system in various disciplines in real time to meet the needs of the business system.

3      Contents of Data Operation and Maintenance Service


3.1      Basic Support Services

  • Telephone Service (7*24-Hour Telephone Response Service)
  • Remote Service (7*24-Hour Remote Service)
  • On-Site Service (The Treatment Scheme Shall Be Formed Within 12 Hours, and the Engineer Shall Arrive at the Site)

3.2      Implementation Services

  • Database Installation and Deployment
  • Database Management Services (Account Management, Tablespace Management, Storage Management)
  • Data Integration Services (Change, Adjustment and Increase of Data Exchange and Data Sharing Requirements, Adjustment of Data Synchronization Operation Strategy, and Troubleshooting)
  • Data Migration Service (Data Synchronization)
  • Database Upgrade
  • Database Disaster Recovery Construction Service (Formulate Backup Strategy, Provide Data Backup Script, Implement Automatic Backup Mechanism, High Availability Scheme and Disaster Recovery Scheme)

3.3    Regular Inspection and Maintenance (AWR And ASH Reports)

  • Data Operation Environment Inspection (Including Storage and Network Inspection)
  • Database Performance Check
  • Inspection and Repair of Daily Abnormal Operation
  • Patch Update and Application

3.4      Tuning

  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Database Storage Tuning

3.5      Safety Notification Service

  • Security Patch
  • Vulnerability Notification (Dark Cloud, Major Vulnerability)
  • Data Disclosure Notification

3.6      Safety Assessment Service

  • Data Storage Security Assessment
  • Data Management Security Assessment
  • Integrated Security Assessment
  • Interface Safety Assessment
  • Operating System Security Assessment
  • Patch Security Assessment

3.7     Emergency Treatment

  • Emergency Troubleshooting
  • Data Recovery

3.8     Use Training

  • Oracle Middleware Daily Management and Maintenance Training
  • Daily Database Management and Maintenance Training
  • System Use Training
  • Training on Daily Management and Maintenance of Database Cluster Software
  • Training on the Use of Third-Party Tools

3.9    Operation and Maintenance Training

  • Service Startup and Shutdown Training
  • Troubleshooting Training
  • Backup Mechanism Training
  • Redundancy Strategy Training

3.10  System Training Service (Customized)

  • Oracle RAC Management Training
  • Oracle DataGuard Management Training.
  • Oracle Performance Optimization Training.


4      Hope Our Customers Are Like This

  • You attach great importance to data storage security and think that data is the most valuable asset of colleges and universities
  • You attach great importance to the value of data application, and think that through data application, you can better promote the development of colleges and universities informatization.
  • You attach great importance to the performance of the database and hope to have a good interactive experience with the database.
  • The construction of the underlying data platform of the colleges and universities has been completed. Your university will continue to use the data platform for data exchange and sharing.
  • You have built the data platform and have the ownership and use right of the platform, but you are not satisfied with the service and technical level of the current integrator or service provide
  • Your colleges and universities have not built its own data platform, but still attaches great importance to the data itself. Then we can provide you with the construction of data center platform level products other than operation and maintenance.

5      Why Choose Us

  • The core members of the team have more than 10 years of experience in colleges and universities information construction and are the earliest builders and practitioners of colleges and universities shared database technology system.
  • The team has the operation and maintenance experience of large-scale data warehouse system and has undertaken the daily operation and maintenance and optimization of T-level data center of Jiangsu Provincial State Administration of taxation.
  • Team members have colleges and universities business system development experience and are more aware of the performance problems of the database during business system development and the solutions.
  • It has shared data center operation and maintenance experience in several 211 colleges and universities.
  • In depth understanding of business intelligence and big data application technologies in government, enterprises and other industries can bring you knowledge impact from different perspectives.
  • The team has been focusing on database, data warehouse, business intelligence and big data technology for a long time and is professional and dedicated in the field of data services, eliminating your worries at home.