Hohai University

1、Customer Profile

Hohai University

Hohai University is a state key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China of China of China with a history of more than 100 years. water conservancy as its feature, engineering as its main subject, and multi-disciplinary coordinated development. It is a university that on the State “211 Project” key construction, the national advantageous discipline innovation platform construction, the first-class discipline construction, and the establishment of a graduate school. Centering on the national ‘Double First-Class’ construction strategy, adhering to the school motto of ‘Hard Work, Plain Living, Seeking Truth from Facts, Strict Requirements, and Bold Exploration’, the university has comprehensively strengthened the leadership of the party, comprehensively improved its governance ability, deepened its connotative development, and is moving towards the goal of a world-class research university with characteristics.

2、Construction Background

Smart campus has become the current information construction goal of the education industry, and the construction of data center is the core of smart campus.

On the data resource construction route, Hohai University hopes to break the original ‘data island’, ‘inconsistent standards’, ‘unavailable data’ and other conditions, and realize the full amount of data knowable, storable, desirable, available, and manageable through data governance services, to provide data source power for the rapid development of the University.

Hohai University

3、Construction Content

The ‘data governance’ project of Hohai University has clear objectives:

Guided by data quality  and based on data exchange and sharing, collect, manage and maintain data to comprehensively improve data quality.

Guided by data services,it can quickly support the needs of data analysis and application, build decision-making services and administrative services, and effectively give play to the value of data.

Phase I Construction:

In Dec. 2017, the ‘Shared Data Governance Service’ project was launched, focusing on information standard construction, master data management, data quality management, master data publishing services, and data governance implementation services, and completing the migration and switching of the original data sharing database.

Phase II Construction:

In Jul. 2019, the ‘data governance and service phase II’ project was launched to carry out the construction of the data center of the full amount of data assets at the school level according to the full data link scheme of colleges and universities, and at the same time carry out the in-depth application and service of data, including the construction of various subject analysis, personal centers for teachers and students, and intelligent reporting services.

4、Achieve Results

Construction Achievement 1: Building Data Standards and Eliminating Data Islands

Hohai University

According to the current situation of information system construction of Hohai University, the information standards suitable for the current and future 3-5 years of the University have been customized.

Through two phases of data management construction, 41 business systems including educational administration, personnel, learning and engineering, scientific research and books have been integrated, more than 700 million data collection and cleaning have been completed, and 761 code standard tables and 541 data standard tables have been formed.

Value: Open the data island, make the data shared and circulated throughout the school, ensure the data accuracy and effectiveness between departments and systems, and improve the data quality and overall informatization level of the smart campus.

Construction Achievement 2: Build a School Level Data Asset Center

Hohai University

Through data governance and the construction of the global data center, it has realized the full transparent management and monitoring of data, mastered data assets in real time, and promoted the sustainability and inheritance of data asset construction.

Value: It has built a core support platform for smart campus, found weak links through analysis and mining of school level data assets, and provided a scientific and reliable basis for improving school running level, accurate decision-making, discipline construction, etc.

Construction Achievement 3: Data Assets Efficiently Serve Business Needs

Hohai University

Value: It provides comprehensive, complete and authoritative data resources, realizes on-demand application of data interface, avoids the trouble of back-and-forth coordination of multiple departments and processes, and greatly accelerates the construction progress of various process services.

Construction Achievement 4: Data Application Serves Teachers and Students In School

Hohai University

Provide a personal data center for teachers and students and use the complete information pool built in the data center to realize the query, maintenance and intelligent filling of teachers and students’ personal information.

Value: Teachers and students can query personal information in a one-stop way, support the automation of various matters and business handling reports, significantly improve work efficiency, reduce repeated filling and reporting, and achieve the goal of more data and less errands for teachers and students.

During COVID-19, to effectively prevent and control the epidemic and improve the efficiency of information submission, the school network and information management center quickly responded to the needs of various departments and customized the epidemic reporting system based on the development ability of agile data center of DATAV.

Hohai University

Through intelligent reporting, the ‘health data’ of teaching staff, undergraduates, postgraduates, and international students can be reported efficiently. The information center and DATAV company provide 7*24-hour support services to ensure the normal filling, which has been highly praised by many departments.

Hohai University

Value: Serve teachers and students: provide a convenient way to fill in and ensure that teachers and students can timely and accurately report health data information no matter when and where and help the school to efficiently collect the health data of teachers and students. Serving the leaders of the school, departments, and business departments: greatly improving the work efficiency of epidemic prevention reporting, providing real-time viewing and mastering the overall health of teachers and students, urging relevant personnel to take timely measures to adjust work strategies, and effectively helping the school’s epidemic prevention work.

Construction Achievement 5: Realize Data Visual Analysis and Provide Decision-Making Basis

Hohai University

Combined with the data analysis needs of various business scenarios and management decisions of the school, the data analysis of 9 topics has been completed based on flexible data analysis tools, including basic school situation, teacher theme, student work theme, educational administration theme, scientific research theme, etc.

Value: Quickly respond to business data needs, provide the most authentic and comprehensive data support for the optimization of school running, scientific research, management and other businesses and the strategic development of the University, and provide technical means for enhancing the core competitiveness of the University and comprehensively promoting the informatization of the University.