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Regional Sales Manager (Education) Job Description:
  1. Software direct selling, selling the colleges and universities data products and services developed by the company.
  2. Track the whole sales process and project bidding, and be responsible for product contract signing, collection and other business matters.
  3. Maintain the business relationship with customers in the region, develop new sales opportunities, and complete the standard sales signing task and cash collection task of the current year.
  4. Be responsible for market analysis and competitor solution analysis in the region, grasp market development trends, collect, analyze, sort out and archive customer needs, and tap sales leads.
Job Requirements:
  1. At least 2 years working experience in software sales, major in information technology, computer, marketing, etc. is preferred.
  2. Work enthusiastically and have a strong sense of responsibility. Good communication skills, teamwork, and negotiation skills, with pioneering spirit and professionalism.
  3. More than 2 years working experience in software product companies in the education industry, and knowledge of big data is preferred.
  4. Mature education customer relationship and successful project cases are preferred.
Project Manager Job Description:
  1. Be responsible for the construction and implementation of data warehouse and BI platform projects and participate in the formulation of future application development plans and schemes for BI data platform projects and big data related projects.
  2. Responsible for project team management, business needs communication, and leading project members to complete design and development work on time.
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above, engaged in BI project implementation or management.
  2. At least one complete large-scale data warehouse and BI system implementation experience, and two or more project management experience.
  3. Proficient in data warehouse and BI system implementation methodology, familiar with one of ORACLE or IBM implementation methodologies.
  4. Proficient in one of ETL, front-end presentation and big data related tool products.
  5. Good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit, able to work under pressure and full of initiative.
Data Implementation Engineer Job Description:
  1. Responsible for project site data implementation, data integration and front-end display.
  2. Responsible for on-site communication such as project demand investigation, document preparation, customer communication training, etc.
  3. Be responsible for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of application software developed by the company and assist in project acceptance.
Job Requirements:
  1. College degree or above, major in computer or related.
  2. Experience in software implementation in colleges and universities industry is preferred, and holders of OCP, OCM, PMP and other relevant certifications are preferred.
  3. Have good communication skills, team spirit and pressure resistance, be honest and reliable, and have good conduct.
  4. Proficient in common SQL language, proficient in operating large databases such as MySQL and Oracle, familiar with database development such as stored procedures and triggers, and capable of analyzing data and batch processing data.
  5. Familiar with data governance, data standards, data modeling, master data, metadata management methodology, and have some project experience.
  6. Be familiar with data ETL and front-end presentation skills, and skillfully operate one of the mainstream ETL and data analysis tools, such as ODI、Kettle、FineBI、Tableau、QlikView, etc.
Software Test Engineer Job Description:
  1. According to product requirements, participate in requirements analysis, use case review, software testing and other quality assurance work.
  2. Design, build and maintain test environment for test scheme, and generate test report according to test results.
  3. For any problem in the test, give detailed information description, locate, and track software problems, and promote the timely and reasonable solution of problems.
Job Requirements:
  1. College degree or above, able to complete use case writing, test execution and test report sorting independently.
  2. Familiar with software testing methods and software engineering knowledge, familiar with defect management process and quality control.
  3. Familiar with testing related technologies, understanding Selenium, TestNG,SoupUI and other tool frameworks is preferred.
  4. Familiar with at least one scripting language such as Shell/PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby, development and testing experience is preferred.
  5. Strong learning ability, quick logical thinking, rigorous working attitude, high sense of responsibility, proactive, strong coordination, and communication skills. Have a good sense of teamwork and can communicate effectively with project team members.
Senior Java Developer Job Description:
  1. Responsible for the daily management, technical development planning, task allocation and progress follow-up of the R & D team.
  2. Understand the business requirements and design the technical architecture and technical selection of the software system according to the requirements.
  3. Responsible for system software development and evaluation, database design, and core code development.
  4. Responsible for business system performance optimization, including generation code optimization, database optimization, and solving key fault technical problems of the system.
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor’s degree or above, at least 2 to 3 years of experience in java development or architecture design.
  2. Have customer awareness and focus on user experience in software development.
  3. Proficient in Java language, skilled in using common frameworks (Spring、MyiBatis、hibernate), and rich experience in back-end platform development.
  4. Familiar with mainstream relational databases (Oracle、Mysql、SQLServer) and non-relational databases such as MongoDB and Redis.
  5. Be familiar with face-to-face programming and master common design patterns and algorithms. Proficient in modeling with common UML tools.
  6. Have good communication skills and be able to quickly integrate into and lead the team.