Nanjing Tech University

1、Customer Profile

Nanjing Tech University

    Nanjing Tech University has a history of one hundred years. It is one of the first batch of 14 colleges and universities selected into the national ‘Innovation Capability Improvement Plan for Colleges and Universities’ (2011 Plan). It is a key support colleges and universities for the construction of high-level colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, a key construction colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, a comprehensive reform pilot colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, a talent strengthening pilot colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, the first batch of national demonstration colleges and universities for deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education, a national innovation and entrepreneurship base for practical education of colleges and universities, the first batch of outstanding engineer training program Pilot colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education of China, comprehensive reform pilot colleges and universities for professional degree graduate education, and pilot colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province to implement the ‘30 Items of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Reform’.

2、Construction Background

   In Jun. 2017, Nanjing Tech University officially launched the construction of software and hardware of the ‘Smart Nanjing Tech University’ comprehensive information service platform, and carried out the construction of integration portal platform, unified identity authentication platform, online service hall platform, orientation system, etc., in which the construction of data management and exchange platform was carried out simultaneously, realizing the sharing and exchange of data between basic business systems, and ensuring the availability of data. Although the university is vigorously carrying out information construction and data construction, the following problems need to be solved:

  • Data standards are not unified and data quality is not high.
  • The data governance system has not formed a closed loop, and the construction of data assets cannot achieve sustainability.

  • Data visualization cannot be realized, and the value of data cannot be fully developed and utilized.

3、Construction Content

   In Aug. 2019, Nanjing Tech University launched the project of ‘Unified Data Governance and Visual Analysis Platform’. Our company provided the following three parts of construction content:

1)Data Governance Construction: Data Governance Service and Unified Data Governance Platform

    With the assistance of the data governance platform, we can quickly realize the standardized definition of data resources, realize the sharing of data among various organizations and departments, help the school improve the quality (accuracy and integrity) of data, ensure the security (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) of data, and promote the integration and sharing of information resources, so as to improve the overall informatization level of the smart campus.

Nanjing Tech University


Nanjing Tech University


Nanjing Tech University


2)Data Opening Construction: Unified and Open Data Platform

    With ‘Data Opening’ as the core, the unified opening and control of data capabilities are realized through the open system of DATAV unified data open platform. The API data interface that follows the RESTful specification greatly reduces the cost of data docking for all parties, provides data resource services to data users and data developers, realizes the automatic docking of data opening and shared services, and truly realizes one-time governance and multiple uses.

Nanjing Tech University


    Providing the data service market in the school can clearly understand the data resources in the school. At present, 12 kinds of data services, such as student management, faculty management, teaching management, asset management and scientific research management, have been put into online use. In the later stage, the school can flexibly maintain the uplink and downlink of the data interface.

Nanjing Tech University


    It provides a unified online data application portal for all kinds of users, provides rich API interfaces, realizes the application of data interfaces on demand, avoids the trouble of back-and-forth coordination of multiple departments and processes, and makes the user experience more convenient.

Nanjing Tech University


3)Construction of Data Visualization Analysis: Data Analysis Tools, Data Integration Tools and Report Tools

    Around the visual analysis of data, the closed loop of data governance management has been opened, and the data has been gradually enriched and improved. In this phase of the project, visual data analysis middleware tools, visual data governance integration tools, report tools and subject analysis tools have been built.

Nanjing Tech University


4、Achieve Results

      “The construction of the ‘Smart Nanjing Tech University ‘ unified data governance and visual analysis platform project has connected 37 business systems in the process of business data governance, including all-in-one card, educational administration, personnel, academic work, scientific research, books, graduate students and dormitories, and completed the construction of more than 1500 tables, including 655 code standard tables and 863 data standard tables, realizing the unification of data, opening up the data island, and gradually improving the data standard and specification system, The core data governance database has been formed, and the problems of inaccurate basic data, inconsistent data standards and incomplete data have been solved. It greatly improves the accuracy and integrity of the school data and improves the data quality and overall informatization level of the smart campus.

    Combined with the results of data governance, more than 400 data interfaces and 28 interfaces involving 6 intermediate databases for downlink data distribution were constructed. It supports the construction of informatization of many affairs through API interfaces, such as smart Nanjing Tech University Integration Portal, I Smart Nanjing Tech University, Unified Identity Authentication Platform, WeChat enterprise ID application, etc. The opening of online data services has greatly reduced the data docking threshold and cost, greatly shortened the project cycle compared with similar projects in other colleges and universities, achieved the construction effect of ‘one-time governance and multi-party reuse’, and promoted the sustainable and sustainable construction of data assets.

At the same time, it completed the visual landing of data integration, management, and analysis, and carried out the construction of 10 data themes, including student theme analysis, Faculty theme analysis, scientific research theme analysis, book theme analysis, etc. Through the big data platform, provide rich and diverse data services, provide high-quality basic data for data mining, and provide more and better services for school leaders, business departments and teachers and students.

      To sum up, through data governance and the construction of a global data center, Nanjing Tech University has realized a full data link of data collection, cleaning, management, opening and application, built a smart campus core support platform, continuously deposited data resources, mined data value, and provided rich data services for the school’s business and personnel, which has actually laid a solid data foundation for the construction of the school’s ‘Smart Nanjing Tech University ‘.