Unified Data Governance Platform

1、Product Overview

The DataV Unified Data Governance Platform consists of a series of sub modules and related data tools, such as metadata management, information standard management, master data management, data integration tools, data snapshot management, data quality management, data desensitization management, data service management, operation monitoring management, etc. These tools fully combine the implementation methods of data integration and data governance to provide a perfect closed-loop data management system for the basic data construction of schools, enterprises and governments.


2、Product Functions

  • Metadata management tools provide semantic descriptions for data. Metadata runs through the entire data system and makes the data clear for daily maintenance and management.
  • The information standard management tool dynamically manages and monitors the global information standards within the business, forming a global code standard system.

Data integration tool to realize the collection of master data and the communication of data islands.

  • The master data management tool is used to count data assets globally and realize hierarchical data management and application authorization.
  • Data quality management tool, which can detect the quality of data assets and automatically capture and track ‘abnormal’ data.
  • Data desensitization management provides dynamic encryption and decryption mechanism for sensitive data, making data utilization more secure.
  • A data service tool that publishes data assets as data service interfaces and provides them to third parties in the form of standard Web Service protocols and API interfaces.
  • Run monitoring tools to monitor the whole platform and the process of data integration and governance services in real time, find problems and give early warning in time.
  • Historical data management, storage and traceability of data structure changes, data content changes, timed and triggered historical data snapshot management.

3、Product Features


  • Integrate big data technology to provide the master data of behavior characteristic tag and school level public opinion master data management function.
  • The metadata of the whole life cycle is connected in series, and the metadata management realizes two-way synchronization (platform and database, platform and ETL tools). The metadata description can be used directly during the development of the data integration interface, and the interface will be automatically reversed to the master data management platform after the completion of the interface development.
  • Real time automatic benchmarking of data standard codes to reduce the workload of data standard research and maintenance.
  • Provide the status monitoring, abnormal early warning push and remote-control functions of the mobile terminal master data platform, so that the data management can penetrate the space axis.
  • Data kinship management makes data context clear and data quality problems easier to trace.
  • Automatically generate data model, data blood relationship and data content documents, making data asset inventory and data asset release extremely easy.
  • Automatically generate the data integration implementation log, reduce the maintenance workload, and synchronize the online operation and offline document output.
  • Provide data desensitization mechanism.
  • Strong data security management, full monitoring and tracking of all data access, data export and other behaviors, providing standardized interfaces for data security and data desensitization mechanism.