Analysis of University Subject Data

With the deepening of the construction and application of smart campus, the data accumulated in the data center has increased year by year. The relevant data covers multiple business departments of the University, including educational administration, personnel, students and workers, assets, enrollment, books, finance, and other information data. The colleges and universities big data analysis and decision-making system based on the university data center can screen, split, and combine data according to specific purposes, provide dynamic, intuitive, and flexible multi-dimensional data analysis and services for different users through visual presentation, and provide auxiliary decision-making for management departments.

1、Global Data Decision Service

From the perspective of the school leaders, according to the relevant policy documents of the Ministry of Education of China and the Provincial Department of Education, and in combination with the actual work of the school, statistics are made on the overall operation KPI of the school, such as the basic situation of the school, the evaluation of the overall school running level, core school running indicators, talents, and scientific research, to assist the school in intelligent decision-making.


2、Department Data Service

From the perspective of the department managers, the ‘Data’ as the center will be changed to the ‘Theme’ as the center, so that the Department can more easily understand the data statistics and analysis of the business topics they are related to and support the daily teaching management.


3、Correlation Cross Analysis

Cross business departments, associate multiple data sources, provide cross analysis, and obtain more valuable analysis results different from the delayed subject analysis, such as comprehensive strength of colleges and departments, professional evaluation assistance, consumption deviation, discipline construction analysis, etc.


4、Data Analysis Service for Student Management Department

Mainly through the analysis of students’ learning, social activities, and school behavior, it outputs the analysis results for the student management department, grasps students’ learning and life dynamics, provides early warning and prediction information, enables students’ work management to find and solve problems in advance, and improves students’ management level through big data analysis technology.


5、Characteristic Data Application

In addition to PC data analysis, according to the actual situation of the school, provide mobile data reports and student growth reports. At the same time, customize visual applications such as enrollment and library data screens according to the needs of the school, create a data application atmosphere and expand the effect of data construction.