• Data Governance Solutions

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    1. Governance Difficulties At present, the data construction of colleges and colleges and universities is not achieved overnight. In the construction route, we should break the original situation of ‘data island’ and ‘application chimney’ and give priority to the underlying data foundation. 2. Construction Ideas In the overall design, we should grasp the core of data construction – data. Only by realizing the premise that the full amount of data can be known, stored, taken, available and managed, and then…

  • Data Governance Implementation Plan

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    1. Governance Difficulties The data governance project should not only have a vision of ‘poetry and distance’ for strategic goal planning, but also consider the implementation and implementation results delivery of ‘in front of struggling’. The data governance project implementation plan is to solve the problems such as ‘how to do it’, ‘by whom to do it’, ‘conditions to do it’ and ‘reasons for success’, which is the key guidance for the success or failure of the project. We all…