• Focus on Data Governance Ability and Deepen the Construction of Smart Campus

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           In 2000, Fujian took the lead in launching the construction of ‘Digital Fujian’ in China, which not only profoundly affected the development of Fujian, but also became the source of exploration and starting point of practice for the construction of Digital China. Over the past 21 years, Fujian Province has adhered to drawing a blueprint to the end, one after another, and continued to drive reform and innovation in all aspects with ‘digital’, which not only makes…

  • Warm Congratulations on Nanjing Ditawei Data Technology Co., Ltd.’s Moving to the New Office Building

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    An Auspicious Spirit, Thousands of Miles of Harmony       With the continuous growth of the team, to meet the rapid development of the company and the needs of upgrading the company’s brand image, a solemn and simple decoration commencement ceremony was officially held in the office building of Qicaiknowledge & innovation center in Apr. 2021. The company will have a larger new base integrating office, reception, and conference, which has become a ‘milestone’ in the rapid development of…