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  • Unified Data Development Platform

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    1、Product Overview The Unified Data Development Platform is the output source of the data platform capabilities, and it is a group of data agile development tools. The data development platform conforms to the business and technical characteristics of colleges and universities, complies with the concept of full data link management, and enables data governance and data application. The unified data development platform supports seamless connection with various components of the midrange platform and realizes the agile development mode of ‘design’…

  • Unified Data Service Platform

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    1、Construction Background The builder does not know what data has been built in the school data center, nor does he know the relationship between these data and the businessOther information-based units do not perceive the overall data of the school, and have a low sense of data contribution and sharing participationIn the context of data governance, it is difficult for the whole school to pay attention to quality issues, and the business department lacks the concept of power and responsibility,…

  • Unified Data Open Platform

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    1、Customer Profile Hohai University is a state key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China of China of China with a history of more than 100 years. water conservancy as its feature, engineering as its main subject, and multi-disciplinary coordinated development. It is a university that on the State “211 Project” key construction, the national advantageous discipline innovation platform construction, the first-class discipline construction, and the establishment of a graduate school. Centering on the national…

  • Analysis of University Subject Data

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    With the deepening of the construction and application of smart campus, the data accumulated in the data center has increased year by year. The relevant data covers multiple business departments of the University, including educational administration, personnel, students and workers, assets, enrollment, books, finance, and other information data. The colleges and universities big data analysis and decision-making system based on the university data center can screen, split, and combine data according to specific purposes, provide dynamic, intuitive, and flexible multi-dimensional…

  • Network Log Processing Tool

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    According to the relevant requirements of the new version of the network security law, ‘colleges and universities need to monitor and record the technical measures for network operation status and network security events and keep the network log for at least six months’. We provide professional network log collection probes and perfect log storage, management, and application solutions. It can stably output network traffic data (support long-term concurrency of 20G large traffic), and provide standard, most comprehensive, and extensible big…

  • Unified Data Governance Platform

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    1、Product Overview The DataV Unified Data Governance Platform consists of a series of sub modules and related data tools, such as metadata management, information standard management, master data management, data integration tools, data snapshot management, data quality management, data desensitization management, data service management, operation monitoring management, etc. These tools fully combine the implementation methods of data integration and data governance to provide a perfect closed-loop data management system for the basic data construction of schools, enterprises and governments. 2、Product…

  • Behavior Analysis and Mining

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    Behavior analysis and mining is to integrate student behavior data and provide data query centrally. Summarize, display and query students’ behaviors in school. When students find abnormalities, they can quickly locate students’ problems and find out the causes of risks through behavior query and tracing. Value: Value: Abnormal behavior warning Information tracing in case of special circumstances Student behavior mining

  • Student Group Portrait

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    Group portrait of students is to select a certain group of students in school through various basic attributes, individual portrait labels and behavior attributes as screening conditions. Through the group portrait function, we can intensively understand the attribute characteristics and behavior characteristics of the group of students, to draw relevant data knowledge and analysis conclusions and provide data support for the mining of group characteristics of students and group training. Characteristic: Mining the characteristics of a group of students Correlation…

  • Big Data Platform

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    Adhering to the concept of ‘data is service’, the big data service platform of colleges and universities, based on data warehouse and big data processing technology, provides diversified data services for school leaders, college and department student work administrators and students through flexible service capabilities and presentation methods. Integration of big data resources in colleges and universities to solve the problems of data collection, storage, and Governance. Sharing and using big data in colleges and universities to solve the problem…

  • Student Personal Portrait

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    Use the data of all-in-one card consumption, educational administration, Internet logs, books, dormitory channels, and other data to bind with the basic personal information of students. On this basis, analyze the school behavior characteristics, carry out label description and definition, and comprehensively master the relevant information of individual students. 1、Display the basic information of students in a centralized way, find out the students who may be closely related according to the behavior association, and describe the student’s characteristic tags according…