Focus on Data Governance Ability and Deepen the Construction of Smart Campus

       In 2000, Fujian took the lead in launching the construction of ‘Digital Fujian’ in China, which not only profoundly affected the development of Fujian, but also became the source of exploration and starting point of practice for the construction of Digital China. Over the past 21 years, Fujian Province has adhered to drawing a blueprint to the end, one after another, and continued to drive reform and innovation in all aspects with ‘digital’, which not only makes the people enjoy the convenience brought by informatization, but also injects powerful momentum into local high-quality development.


Recently, Nanjing Ditawei Data Technology Co., Ltd. launched the ‘joint solution for colleges and universities data governance’, with the theme of ‘focusing on data governance capabilities and deepening the construction of smart campus’, to jointly discuss a new model of smart campus data governance that is ‘one number, one source, data efficiency improvement, and building a high-quality education system’.

With the continuous advancement of education informatization construction, more and more emerging information technologies have been applied in the construction of digital campus and smart campus in colleges and universities, such as cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, digital twins, business intelligence, 0 code development, etc., to build a comprehensive perceived campus physical environment, establish an intelligent and open education and teaching environment and a convenient and comfortable living environment for teachers and students, and change the resources of teachers and students and the school Environment interaction mode to realize people-oriented personalized innovative services.

How to implant and implement new technologies into the information construction process of colleges and universities? Ke Wang, general manager of Nanjing Ditawei Data Technology Co., Ltd., put forward his thinking on colleges and universities data in view of this series of technical directions, and elaborated in detail the problems and corresponding solutions encountered in the application of data-based products and cutting-edge new technologies in the campus during the process of data-driven information construction. Through the construction idea of ‘product + service’ and ‘governance + application’, the data value can be deeply mined and reflected.

At the same time, Yukun Qian, a pre-sales expert of Nanjing Ditawei Data Technology Co., Ltd., based on the construction concept of data center in all fields, comprehensively combed the data construction process of the university in terms of how to build colleges and universities data standards, how to complete data governance, and how to reflect data value, shared the landing effect of global data centers of many universities for us, and won the participation of leaders Teachers’ unanimous praise.

The overall development trend of the new generation of digital campus is becoming more and more intelligent. It is expected that in the future, digital technology and school education can be more effective and diverse. Based on realizing one number and one source, a more comprehensive data monitoring and indicator system will be formed to accelerate the realization of the educational informatization vision of scientific decision-making, accurate management and personalized service.