China Pharmaceutical University

China Pharmaceutical University

1、Customer Profile

China Pharmaceutical University is a ‘211 Project’ directly under the Ministry of Education of China and a national ‘Double First-Class’ construction colleges and universities with a long history and a high reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. It is in Nanjing, the ancient capital of China. It is the first pharmaceutical university founded by the state in the history of China. For more than 80 years, the school has adhered to the spirit of the school motto of ‘Refining Industry and Benefiting the Masses’, made important contributions to promoting the development of national health undertakings.

2、Construction Background

In 2014, China Pharmaceutical University improved its campus network infrastructure, built a digital campus platform, major business systems such as learning and engineering, educational administration, personnel, finance, and asset management, and achieved remarkable results in information construction. With the school actively serving the national major strategy, the business demand has also changed from ‘management as the goal’ to ‘service as the goal’. However, the school’s basic data are inaccurate, not updated in time, incomplete data, and other problems, which restrict the school’s information development and data service goals.

3、Construction Objectives

The school has started data construction since 2016. The overall construction objectives are as follows:

  • Complete the collection and management of core data in the school, build school level information standards, and gradually realize the accuracy, consistency, and standardization of data.
  • Build the full data warehouse of the school, realize data exchange and sharing, make the data resources of the school clearer, more accurate and more flexible, and support the construction of smart campus.
  • Realize the visualization of data assets, improve the data quality management ability and service ability of the school, and make the data better serve the teaching, scientific research and management of the school.

4、Construction Content

The data construction of China Pharmaceutical University is divided into the following three phases:

Phase I: Jul. 2016

Phase I: Jul. 2016

Student Data Analysis Platform: Data Collection, Big Data Platform, Student Portrait

Phase II: Jun. 2018

Student Data Analysis Platform Phase II: Data Governance Service, Master Data Platform, Early Warning Center, Teacher-Student Service

Phase III: Aug. 2019

Data Management and Application Platform: Full Data Governance Service, Full Data Center Construction, Unified Data Open Platform, Data Analysis Tools, Leadership Cockpit, Personal Data Center, Etc.

Phase I: Start the Construction of Data Platform Based on Student Application

Since the project was launched on Sept. 5, 2016, with the joint efforts of the student work office and the information center, the preliminary construction of the data platform, including data collection, big data architecture and data application, has been completed by the end of Dec. 2016.

China Pharmaceutical University


In the first phase of the project, the application of student services is built based on data to improve the quality of student services and provide more accurate training and intelligent management. Based on the bottom big data management platform, it provides a good and scalable capacity support for the future digital campus construction.

Phase II: Consolidate the Basic Data Foundation and Quickly Respond to Business Needs

At the beginning of 2018, the development of informatization in colleges and universities entered an era with data as the core. With the increasing demand and frequency of data use by various scientific research departments, business departments, information administrators of various departments and third-party developers, the current data exchange method cannot support the real-time sharing of data.

In the second phase, DATAV provided the university with a master data platform, an early warning center and related data governance services to help the University solve the problems encountered in the current data use process.


In the second phase of the project, the centralized management of the core business data of the whole school was realized, and functional modules such as metadata management, information standard management, master data management, data quality management, data operation monitoring management, API registration, API audit, API use application and comprehensive query were built, which effectively solved the problem of data sharing and improved the efficiency of data management.

China Pharmaceutical University

Phase III: Build a Global Data Center to Promote the Transformation of Smart Campus

In Jul. 2019, China Pharmaceutical University officially launched the construction of the ‘data management and application platform’ project, sorted out the construction results of phase I and phase II, formulated the data demand investigation and research with the academic affairs office, the academic work office, the logistics group, the security office and the book and Information Center as the pilot, and determined the work priorities of data construction: data governance, data opening, data visualization analysis, leadership cockpit, etc.

?Form a Clear Data Flow Diagram and Revitalize Data Assets

Since the construction of the full data management platform, the centralized management of the core business data of the whole university has been gradually realized, and the integrity, consistency, accuracy, and other elements of the data have been comprehensively and steadily improved to ensure that the data can be collected, managed and available. At present, it has completed the data integration of 18 business systems, such as all-in-one card, educational administration, personnel, assets, scientific research, books, face recognition and access control, involving 11 major departments, 158 reference code tables, improved the data standard and specification system, and gradually solved the problems of inaccurate basic data, untimely update, incomplete data, data islands and so on.

China Pharmaceutical University

?Realize Resource Sharing and Improve Work Efficiency

Relying on the construction of the bottom layer of data, it has supported the construction of transaction informatization through API interfaces, such as information portals, online service halls, student portraits, etc., gradually improved the governance system of business data, and promoted the sustainable and inheritable construction of data assets.

China Pharmaceutical University

?Deepen the Effect of Data Application and Improve the Service Quality of Teachers and Students

Based on the underlying data governance system, a data application service upgrade for teachers and students is built, providing rich and diverse data services.

China Pharmaceutical University

During the epidemic period, DATAV provided comprehensive data analysis, research and implementation services to improve the visibility, availability and decision-making of data. The data of school access control (gate + dormitory + library) was displayed through the visual interface to meet the school leaders’ real-time and accurate online viewing of the dynamic information of the whole school’s teachers and students entering and leaving the campus, and to provide the school leaders with the flow information of the whole school’s teachers and students, to further strengthen COVID-19 prevention and control measures.
China Pharmaceutical University

?Set Up a Capability Platform and Have the Capability of Self-Development and Implementation

Based on the underlying data integration tools, data analysis tools, log collection tools and other tool-based capability centers, through the construction of subject analysis atom library, decision model atom library, personal data service form library, it will provide good and scalable capability support for the construction of smart campus in the future.

China Pharmaceutical University

Project Acceptance

On May 18, 2020, the Library and Information Center of China Pharmaceutical University organized several experts inside and outside the university to review the ‘Data Management and Application Platform’ (Phase III) project. DATAV reported on the overall structure, project progress, construction effect and other aspects. The expert group agreed, and the project was accepted successfully.

China Pharmaceutical University