Data Governance Solutions

Data Governance Solutions

1. Governance Difficulties

At present, the data construction of colleges and colleges and universities is not achieved overnight. In the construction route, we should break the original situation of ‘data island’ and ‘application chimney’ and give priority to the underlying data foundation.

2. Construction Ideas

In the overall design, we should grasp the core of data construction – data. Only by realizing the premise that the full amount of data can be known, stored, taken, available and managed, and then making unified and monitorable use through convenient means, can we ensure the steady improvement of data value output in quantity and quality, to truly form a colleges and universities data ecology with vitality and continuous iterative optimization.

Data Governance Solutions

DATAV has focused on the construction of colleges and universities data for many years. Based on integrating the experience of big data construction in the industry and summarizing the experience of colleges and universities data construction, DATAV has put forward the construction idea of data center in all fields – ‘Five Dimensional Data Engineering In All Fields

One Goal – All Access Data Center

Through the construction of the data centerin all fields, we can realize the ‘integrity’, ‘unification’ and ‘connectivity’ of colleges and universities data, open the ‘data island’ and eliminate the ‘application chimney’.

Two Orientations – Data Governance and Data Application

The construction of a data center in all fields requires a clear value orientation. We advocate that through data governance orientation, data exchange and sharing should be the starting point to collect data, manage data, and improve quality. Through data application orientation, it can quickly respond to data application needs, improve the data ecology, build decision-making services and administrative services, and output data value.

Data Governance Solutions

3 Platforms – Front Office, Middle Office,and Back Office

From the perspective of product architecture, the construction of data center in all fields is divided into front office, middle office, and back office.

Data Governance Solutions

  • Through the distributed and data processing in all fields technology, improve the data storage back office and realize the digitalization of all businesses.
  • Build a data middle office through DATAV’s data governance and data opening capabilities to realize the unification of data capabilities.
  • Through the unified data portal and unified data development platform, the front office of data business is built to realize all data business.

Four Unifications – Governance, Openness, Development and Service

The value summary of the data center is also the disassembly of the data construction work. The Four Unifications refer to:

  • Unified data governance, form unified data standards and global data assets, and realize 360 ° data chain management.
  • Unified data opening, forming a unified external access channel for data, and outputting reusable and supervised data APIs.
  • Unified data development, form standard data development tools and processes, and make data service construction more flexible and data operation simpler.
  • Unified data services, form a unified data service portal, converge data applications and exports of data services, and realize data value.

5 Landings – Standard, Integration, Quality, Sharing and Service

The five landings are the waterfall + agile spiral implementation methodology system summarized by DATAVbased on integrating 15 years’ experience in colleges and universities data field.

Data Governance Solutions

The ability to implement data quickly, including the implementation of standards, integration, quality, sharing and services, is realized by means of getting the background in details, setting standards and governance, to ensure the effectiveness of project construction!