Student Personal Portrait

Use the data of all-in-one card consumption, educational administration, Internet logs, books, dormitory channels, and other data to bind with the basic personal information of students. On this basis, analyze the school behavior characteristics, carry out label description and definition, and comprehensively master the relevant information of individual students.

1、Display the basic information of students in a centralized way, find out the students who may be closely related according to the behavior association, and describe the student’s characteristic tags according to the behavior characteristics (such as more Internet access, low consumption, etc.)

2、Analyze students’ learning characteristics according to book borrowing


3、Describe students’ interests and hobbies according to the characteristics of network behavior


4、Analyze the students’ learning situation according to the score information


5、Describe the characteristics of students’ dormitory access behavior according to the card swiping behavior of access control

6、Describe the characteristics of students’ consumption behavior in school according to the all-in-one card swiping information and e-commerce commodity attention information

The colleges and universities student portrait system provides students with more intimate care and more accurate training