Network Log Processing Tool

According to the relevant requirements of the new version of the network security law, ‘colleges and universities need to monitor and record the technical measures for network operation status and network security events and keep the network log for at least six months’. We provide professional network log collection probes and perfect log storage, management, and application solutions. It can stably output network traffic data (support long-term concurrency of 20G large traffic), and provide standard, most comprehensive, and extensible big data standard data source for network behavior analysis, school electronic resource utilization analysis, student comprehensive quality evaluation and other businesses.

NP (network probe) adopts a special hardware platform to provide all-round visibility of network traffic, which helps to optimize network performance and improve network security. NP can be directly deployed to the network as a part of the network infrastructure. Because NP can be plug and play and bypass deployed, it does not need complex configuration management. No matter where the network is, it can support the processing speed of network traffic up to 20Gbps, bring visibility of total traffic to the network, and will not produce network performance bottlenecks or failure points.

The processing of network log data adopts the big data platform and architecture, supports the second level retrieval of 60T and above data, and supports the real name processing of logs and the statistical analysis of relevant data.