Evaluation of Students’ Comprehensive Quality

According to the relevant guidance of the state and the Ministry of Education of China, a comprehensive, three-dimensional, and data-based evaluation method is used as the guiding ideology to build a comprehensive quality evaluation system for college students.

Based on years of experience in the education industry, with data as the core, DATAV has customized comprehensive quality portraits for students through more scientific and objective evaluation methods, and finally achieved the goal of teaching students according to their aptitude and precise care.

Evaluation of Students' Comprehensive Quality

The system describes the comprehensive quality evaluation of students in real time, dynamically and completely in three aspects: accurate evaluation, accurate knowledge, and accurate tracking, making the evaluation process more objective and the results more authentic.

The evaluation dimension is formulated by referring to the relevant documents of many colleges and universities and the Ministry of Education of China. It is divided into four dimensions and three-level indicator system, which can be relied on:


The evaluation system is constructed by establishing the data set of the whole life cycle of students, and realizes the three-dimensional data evaluation of comprehensive quality by means of eigenvalue evaluation, distribution evaluation, change evaluation, scoring evaluation, etc.