Intelligent Support for Colleges and Universities Students

Through the smart funding solution for colleges and universities students, poor college and universities students can get more accurate and comprehensive help and improve the accuracy of school funding management.

The smart funding solution mainly includes the following four core functions:


  • Accurate Identification

Integrate the relevant data of colleges and universities students, such as the file building and card building data of poor students, college entrance examination data, family situation data, students’ consumption data at school, etc., establish a school level student personal data center, and form a core data storage based on students’ basic information, behavior information, consumption information, learning information and social activity information. Based on the collected data, big data technology, business intelligence and data mining technology are used to establish a data analysis model for poor students. The core algorithm is the screening of real poor students and the identification of false poor students, which makes the identification of poor students more accurate and the identification process more efficient.

  • Precise Funding

We should reasonably expand the extension of intellectual support, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Based on student portraits, we should gradually extend the traditional life support to the fields of academic training support, physical and mental health support and life development support.

  • Precise Management

Based on identifying and subsidizing poor students, effective statistics on the historical data and current situation data of the subsidizing work are made, and the application and distribution policies of the subsidizing funds are reasonably planned based on data accumulation, so as to make the subsidizing management and planning more accurate.

  • Precise Tracking

Comprehensively and accurately track the study, life and growth of the subsidized groups, track and scientifically evaluate the funding effect, and know the precise identification, precise funding, and precise management through data tracking, so as to make the funding work more systematic and intelligent and achieve sustainable development.