Data Analysis

  • Analysis of University Subject Data

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    With the deepening of the construction and application of smart campus, the data accumulated in the data center has increased year by year. The relevant data covers multiple business departments of the University, including educational administration, personnel, students and workers, assets, enrollment, books, finance, and other information data. The colleges and universities big data analysis and decision-making system based on the university data center can screen, split, and combine data according to specific purposes, provide dynamic, intuitive, and flexible multi-dimensional…

  • Tax Risk Management Scheme Based on Internet Data

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    Tax Risk Management Plan一、Background1、Information Technology Development Background In recent years, information technology has developed rapidly, especially in the past two years. The vigorous development of cloud computing and big data technology, the core technology from concept to theory, from experimental environment to successful implementation, in turn, has promoted the further development of technology. With the continuous expansion of network bandwidth and the rapid development of mobile Internet, information application systems have rapidly expanded from computer terminals to tablet and mobile…